5 Must-Watch Arabic Shows for Ramadan 2023


5 must watch Arabic shows for Ramadan 2023

In recent years, the Arab World has taken over the entertainment industry – and audiences outside the region shouldn’t miss out on the fun.

With drama shows, cultural programs, and light comedy shows – Arab entertainment is showing the depth and talent of the Arab World.

But while contemporary Arab viewers in the United States have expressed their enthusiasm for Arabic shows and programming during the holy month of Ramadan, they have struggled to access quality regionally produced Arabic shows live and On Demand.

Sling TV Arabic has the perfect solution to this problem. As the leading provider of Arab Live Streaming and On-Demand channels in the United States, Sling TV Arabic offers the hottest lineup of Arabic shows and programs every year, including in 2023.

Here are five of the most anticipated Arabic shows and programs in Ramadan 2023, all of which will be available to US-based viewers.

Al Arabs (The Wagoner)

Straight out of Syria, the Syrian show Al Arabs (The Wagoner) taking part in the Arab drama marathon this year. With a star-studded cast, including Bassem Yakhour, Nadine Khoury, and Saloum Hadad, the series follows the life of Abdo Al-Arabji (played by Yahour) as he overcomes oppressive challenges in Damascus Syria and tries to heart Syria to win. a woman he loves.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

Wa Akheeran (Finally)

A story of love, bravery and sacrifice, Wa Akheeran (At Last) follows Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim and Syrian actress Kosai Khauli in their quest to reunite after Khayal (Nadine Njeim) is kidnapped. The series is written and directed by the Syrian filmmaker Ousama Obeid Alnasser.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

Gaafar Al Omda (Gaafar the Mayor)

Directed by Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Samy, Gaafar El Omda (Gaafar the Mayor) follows the life of Gaafar (played by Mohamed Ramadan), a wealthy businessman in the Al Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood of Cairo, who is on a quest to find his son’s kidnapper. The series has a stellar cast, including Ahmed Dash, Zeina, May Kassab, Hala Sedky, and Eman Al Assi.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

Lel Mawt (to death) season 3

Lol Mawt (Until Death), returns for its third season as it follows stories of love and desire. The show, directed by Phillip Asmar, follows Sahar (played by Maguy Bou Ghosn) and Reem (played by Daniella Rahme) as they emerge with new identities after everyone assumes they are dead in the previous season; The story builds up from the elements that arose in the second season of the show.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

Al Nar Bel Nar (Fire with Fire)

From Syria to Lebanon, Al Nar Bel Nar (Tine le Tine) follows the story of a Syrian woman fleeing war-torn Syria to Beirut, who must find a way to survive in an unknown city without documents. The series has a stellar cast, including Georges Khabbaz, Zeina Makki, Abed Fahed, and many more.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

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