Becky G’s Fiancé Sebastian Lletget apologizes after ‘disrespecting’ her amidst cheating rumors


Sebastian Lletget has issued a public apology to his wife Becky G. After rumors circulated online accusing the 30-year-old soccer player of cheating on the “Lovin’ So Hard” singer, 26, read the statement released by Lletget on March 27: I have been hiding reality from everyone around me for several weeks. A 10-minute lapse in judgment led to an extortion plot. Because of this person’s failure to get their wishes, it has become a public spectacle on social media where more lies are spread than truth and false posts are made directed at the one person I should never accept. It was the “highest alarm of my life” for the FC Dallas midfielder, so he decided to enter a mental wellness program to work on repairing the parts of himself that needed healing.

I have always felt unconditional love from you, wrote Lletget in his letter to the ‘Mamiii’ singer. You are the light of my life, my strength, and I have always felt loved by you, he wrote. Instead of honoring that love every day, I hurt you and disrespected the one person I love more than anything. I’m so sorry, and I know I’ll have to do whatever it takes to win back your trust and love. Sebastian Lletget’s message of reconciliation comes just over three months after the couple, who have been dating since early 2016, revealed their engagement. Becky was joking about the affair they had before their wedding earlier this year.

Sebastian Lletget apologizes to Becky G To Ignore Her Amidst Cheating Rumors

Sebastian Lletget, Becky G’s fiance, is clean. Sebastian Lletget, a midfielder for the FC Dallas soccer team, responded in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday to allegations that he cheated on his long-term partner, singer Becky G. Last week, social media posts by claim that the soccer player’s infidelity went viral. It would have been impossible for me to achieve much of my professional and personal growth, not to mention navigate some of my life’s challenges safely, without Becky’s love and support, Lletget wrote. A 10-minute lapse in judgment led to an extortion plot over the past few weeks, which I deeply regret. While the alleged extortion plot has become a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than truth, Lletget claims the event was a “wake-up call” for the 30-year-old. I can’t keep running from the demons, composed Lletget, saying that he is fighting with a single injury and intense tension. I understand that there should not have been any activities that brought us here in the first place.

Sebastian Lletget also revealed in the post that he is committed to a psychological fitness system to deal with the pieces of me that desperately need to be recovered. As an apology to Becky G, he made the last part of his statement. To Becky, you were mind-blowing, my solidarity, who consistently showed me love without restraint, composed Lletget. Instead of appreciating that affection consistently, I’ve done the inverse, hurting you, and diminishing the individual I love more than anything. I am so heartbroken and realize that I need to take the necessary steps to regain your trust and love. Becky G and Sebastin Lletget began dating in 2016, and announced their engagement to fans in December with three candid photos from when Lletget proposed. Recently, Lletget talked about his lady-to-be in an Instagram post celebrating Becky’s 26th birthday.

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