Benzino has asked LGBTQ+ to stop flirting with him


Benzino seems tired of people in the LGBTQ+ community flirting with him. In addition, he has now released a PSA for himself.

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Benzino gets an LGBTQ+ PSA to stop him

Benzino took to his Twitter account on Friday March 31 to say that he will disavow the person who flirts with him and will not identify himself as a heterosexual woman.

Additionally, he said that while he “respected” the community, the flirting isn’t flirting with Benzino because he’s not a part of it.

He wrote, ‘Attention everyone in the LGBTQ, abcd!!! I respect all your movement and your decision to be the person you want to be BUT STOP YOU BEING WEIRD WITH THE OPINIONS AND THE FOOD.’

Benzino then went on to share screenshots of the comments he received on the bird app when people started calling him out for lying.

The former Love & Hip-Hop star stated, ‘Wtf do I have to lie to you? Yall weird asf! There is another WAY but Twitter only allows 4 pictures at a time.’

He wrote, ‘F**k you mad at me because?? Why can’t I do that s**t? I know they’re not all gay & not all gay men are disrespectful but there are many, it’s been going on for a while.’

Blueface also makes a similar petition against LGBTQ+

Benzino’s plea follows Blueface, who also made similar claims in the petition earlier this month.

He tweeted, ‘Since I tweeted my bisexual hands there was a lot of LGBTQ shit going on in my DMs that’s not what I meant cuz.’

He said, ‘Please stop sending me gay s**t. I respect the LGBTQ community you all went from a minority to a majority which is a hell of an achievement you are welcome to love anyone you want but please don’t treat it with respect.’

In the meantime, it looks like the LGBTQ+ may overturn the news in Benzino’s case.

Additionally, it may have started after a transgender model came out and claimed that the former owner of Foinse wanted her to have an intimate relationship with him. However, she continuously denied his attempts.

In addition, the woman also went ahead to release alleged audio recordings of calls with Benzino to support her claim

On the other hand Benzino is going to deny the claims made by the transgender woman and is sure that he is a straight male.


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