Burna Boy responds to criticism he is facing for his racial comment


Burna Boy found himself in hot water after sharing his opinion on African Americans. He said that unlike other American immigrants, African Americans do not have ties to their homeland.

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Burna Boy faces criticism for his comments on Africans and African Americans

Burna Boy took to his Instagram handle on Tuesday to clarify his comments about African Americans lacking a connection to a homeland.

He began with, ‘It is sad to see that there are still such black people in 2023 who would rather remain divided and ruled.’

Furthermore, he denied that all Black Americans are African and implied that his message was lost in translation.

He stated, ‘Maybe it’s my accent or something but I never said you’re African and not American. Nor did I say that Africa is part of Heaven. You deserve the Land and all the compensation you want from America and I support that 100%.’

The Grammy Award winning musician tried to clear the air by saying that he always meant to unite African and Black Americans.

He added, ‘I believe that coming together as brothers and sisters is the only way forward for US black people around the world.’

What did Burna Boy say about African Americans?

Burna Boy whose real name is Damini Ogulu recently sat down for an interview with entrepreneur and activist Chaka Bars.

Additionally, during the interview, he was asked why he believes it is important for Black Americans to return to the continent.

The Nigerian artist on the other hand responded by saying that it would help to know their identities properly and know how to work.

He gave an example saying, ‘The Chinese American has a base; he knows he is from China. Italian Americans know where their grandparents came from in Italy.’

Afterwards, he said, ‘They know the first person from their family who came to America and started that line. The same goes for everyone else except African Americans.’

However, the afrobeat superstar was thrown under the bus for taking it and was heavily criticized by netizens.

Many social media users pointed out that most Black Americans are not immigrants. Instead they are descendants of US chattel slaves.

Meanwhile, the African giant recently headlined the NBA All-Star Halftime Show held in Utah.

Also, he is set to be a key player in the UEFA Champions League final. It is to be held in Istanbul on June 10.


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