Canada announces plans to eradicate forced Uyghur labour from supply chains – Middle East Monitor


Canada has announced its intention to introduce legislation to eradicate forced labor from its supply chains, fueled by China’s ongoing persecution of its Muslim Uyghur population and the conditions in which they are forced to work.

In its Budget 2023 announcement this week, the Canadian government said it is “deeply concerned about the ongoing human rights violations against Uyghurs and Muslim minorities in China, as well as the use of forced labor around the world. It is important that importers address their supply chain vulnerabilities and ensure that their production promotes our shared Canadian values ​​around the world.”

He added that the country’s 2023 Budget announces that “the federal government intends to introduce legislation by 2024 to eliminate forced labor from Canadian supply chains in order to end the ban on imports of goods produced using labor strengthen compulsions. The government will also work to ensure that the current legislation fits within the overall government framework to protect our supply chains.”

The proposed legislation is one of many measures announced by Ottawa in its budget, detailing in an impact assessment that “this measure will benefit people and workers subject to and affected by forced labor across the deep on them. This includes Uyghurs and other minority groups affected by forced labour, who have suffered credible reports of human rights abuses, including widespread forced labor and gender-based violence.” He added that “Canada will also benefit supply chains better aligned with Canadian values”.

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