Comedian Bobby Lee faces cancelation over an alleged story of child trafficking victim


Comedian Bobby Lee has been widely criticized on social media for a story he wrote about an encounter with a streetwalker. The internet sensation was featured in several podcast episodes recounting his experiences in Tijuana, Mexico. Encourage online cancellation by resurfacing clips of the same. Some netizens accuse him of spending the night with a child trafficking victim. In the past, Bobby Lee has made it clear that the woman was an adult in order to protect himself. The now famous story has been featured on several shows including the Opie and Anthony SiriusXM show, DVDASA, Theo Von’s This Past Weekend, and TigerBelly.

The comedian said that while he was working as a waiter in his early 20s, he was often at the Tijauna brewery. He appeared on this podcast in January 2020. As a result of his lack of experience in dating, he reported meeting many women in hotels. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get around to telling the story, Lee warned the podcast hosts before telling it. Would you mind cutting it off if you think I’m going to be ruined by this? Lee explained that he encountered a frightened girl on his way down “ho*er alley”. That’s the one I want. He compared the 13-year-old to Natalie Portman when describing her looks.

Outrage Sparks From Comedian Bobby Lee Tijuana Podcast Clip Goes Viral

Several videos have resurfaced of Bobby Lee telling a story about beating up a prostitute in Tijuana, Mexico, three years ago. During an interview with Theo Von in January 2020, Lee, who was working in the food service industry at the time, revealed that he went to a brewery in Tijuana with co-workers. It’s going to be a hard story to tell, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Honestly, if you think this is going to ruin me, will you cut it out? Before he told Vonn, the comedian said, I was walking down ‘hooker alley’ and there was a girl who looked scared. That’s the one I wanted. After calling the woman a “girl”, Lee clarified that she was an adult, not a child. She is a grown woman. When the comedian had sex with the woman, he noticed that she was crying, with snot bubbles and all. According to Lee, the process should be expedited to complete it as soon as possible. Another clip from his podcast, “TigerBellyClips,” describes him as wanting “a girl against the wall… the one who doesn’t want to be there.” It is not clear whether the story is fictional or factual.

A resurfaced clip of Lee telling the story of Tijuana left internet users uncomfortable. It was reported that many people were very disturbed by his story. TikTok and Twitter users have compiled clips of Bobby Lee telling this story, accusing him of raping a child trafficking victim and raping children. In another tweet, he said that he knew that she was young, that he saw her crying profusely, shaking, and snot coming out of her nose, and her violent rape followed her Von podcast fans and commenters called the witty and funny duo. Known for his appearances on MADtv from 2001 to 2009, Lee is a stand-up comedian. He has also appeared on shows including “Splitting Up Together”, “Reservation Dogs” and “Magnum PI”, as well as films such as “Pineapple Express” and “The Dictator.” While Bobby Lee himself did not address the response, H3 podcast host Ethan Klein previously revealed that he spoke to him after hearing the “interference” story. Lee told Klein that the story was only a “joke” and should be seen as “dark comedy”. According to Bobby Lee, the incident never happened.

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