Concerned Fans Check on Queen Cheryl After Boyfriend Quran McCain’s Tearful TikTok


Fans of Queen Cheryl and her husband Quran McCain were left worried as the latter was seen crying in his latest TikTok video. The viral couple was one of TikTok’s rising stars. They have a huge following on social media. But Quran McCain’s latest TikTok video has Cheryl worried.

Read on to find out more about Queen Cheryl’s worried fans after seeing her husband cry in her latest TikTok.

All about Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain

TikTok has brought so many viral stars to the scene. Among them is one that we had as one of the most popular as Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain. This viral couple caught everyone’s attention with their videos on TikTok mainly because of the huge age difference they share.

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Queen Cheryl is around 61 years old and her husband Quran McCain is only 25 years old. However, the love between the couple is no less than any other strong couple. In fact, the viral couple is even trying to grow their family now.

McCain’s Quran crying video on TikTok goes viral

While Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain have millions of followers on TikTok. Their video often gets viral on the internet. However, one of the latest videos of the Quran is attracting a lot of attention. Because Queen Cheryl’s worried fans have watched it.


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The recent video of Quran McCain on TikTok showed him crying. Which left everyone confused and concerned for Cheryl. One of the users on TikTok asked Quran “Why are you crying?”. And another asked, “Did she die?”.

Why was Quran McCain crying in the viral TikTok video?

Although the video crying the Quran went viral on the internet which made their fans worried, especially Cheryl. Some people thought that Cheryl was not well or that she had died. Some even thought that the Quran and Cheryl might have broken up. But they were all wrong.

@kingqurannewpage This happiness I feel with you I have never felt before and I am grateful to have such a beautiful queen as my wife 😘@oliver6060 #CapCut #fyp #couplegoal ♬ original sound – King 🤴🏾 Quran

The video of McCain’s crying Quran had a caption that some people missed. He said that Quran and Cheryl were unable to find surrogates for their child. That was why Quran looked emotional in the video.

Not to forget, the couple has been trying to be parents for quite some time. That is why they were looking for a substitute that they could not find.

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