DEBUNKED: xQc Addresses Breakup Rumors with Fran, Puts an End to Speculations


xQc made waves a few months ago for his purported relationship with Fran, a former ‘Overwatch’ caster. However, on a recent Twitch live stream, “Juicer” startled the audience by stating they had split up. In early June, some adorable photos of the couple, including one of them kissing, went viral on social media platforms. As different rumours about xQc’s relationship status surfaced on the Internet, his fans were eager to learn the truth, especially after he had a public falling out with his former partner, Adept. While he expressed dissatisfaction with netizens discussing his alleged relationship, xQc never recognized it until a recent stream, when he finally put a stop to all the suspicions by delivering a statement on his relationship status.

xQc revealed his current relationship situation with Fran during a Twitch live stream. When I said, like, ‘Fran isn’t here anymore,’ and that I hadn’t spoken to Fran about it,” he recalled. As a result, she was taken off guard. She attempted to keep the facade up, although me and her haven’t been together in a long time.” xQc continued the chat by explaining his decision to leave the relationship and describing it as a mutual agreement. Furthermore, the streamer stated that he believes it is not a good time to be in a relationship because of several “moving pieces.” Following xQc’s admissions on his Twitch stream, a clip from it rapidly went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, prompting users to share their thoughts on the couple’s relationship.

What Is Popular Twitch And Kick Streamer xQc Relationship With Fran? Kick Streamer Spills The Beans: ‘I Am Radiating Something Bad Right Now

Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Felix “xQc” recently told his audience that he is no anymore in a relationship with fellow Overwatch content creator Fran. The breakup comes nearly two months after he originally disclosed the couple’s relationship in June. Fans have recently taken a deep interest in Felix’s relationships, particularly in light of his ongoing legal struggle with former partner Adept. xQc intimated a few days ago that his significant other had not been around for a while after being criticized by some fans for not streaming regularly following his revelation of having a new partner. The couple appeared to have formally broken up, as the Twitch streamer informed his audience that they were no longer seeing one other. Referring to his comments a few weeks before about his girlfriend not being present, xQc stated that he and Fran had not been together for some time: “I said, you know, Fran wasn’t here anymore, and I hadn’t informed Fran about it.” As a result, she was surprised. She attempted to keep the facade up, but me and her haven’t been together in a long time. The Just Chatting Streamer of the Year revealed during his recent Twitch live stream that he had broken up with Fran.

He also stated that now is not the time to be in a relationship since there are too many “moving pieces,” which is most likely a reference to his current legal case or the fact that he does not want his streaming commitment to conflict with his personal life. xQc went on to add that he had been emitting a negative energy that was causing everyone around him to suffer: Yeah, there are too many moving parts and sh*t nowadays, and it’s too much. It would be nice if things were easier, but they aren’t. And I don’t think they’re going to get any easier any time soon, and I’m sick of having so much collateral damage or whatever. It simply feels like everyone around me is in a lot of pain, and it makes me feel like I’m emitting something negative right now. I need to restart it. One Redditor joked about xQc’s current conflict with reaction content and DMCA restrictions, in which he has been chastised by people like Mutahar “SomeOrdinaryGamers” for uploading full reaction films on YouTube, which deprives original creators of cash and views.

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