Did Tana Mongeau date Justin Bieber? Fans speculate after the TikTok video


In the midst of Justin, Hailey, and Selena’s online drama, another is emerging, and it’s Tana Mongeau. Tana Mongeau is an internet personality who knows a few common people. But after she commented on the drama Justin, Hailey, and Selena. Everyone is wondering if Tana has ever dated Justin.

Read on to find out if Justin Bieber has dated Tana Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau has something to say about the Justin-Hailey drama

Since then Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up and married Hailey Baldwin. Her life is not going smoothly. The couple is often posted on the internet for one thing or another. Although some rumors about them are still surfacing online as well.

Recently too a lot of drama has come up on social media. Where Hailey Bieber was getting hateful comments for her role in Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s relationship. Although Gomez’s fans said that she and her friends are mean girls.

In the full drama, however, now Tana Mongeau has come up with her answer. Tana came at the time of Justin, Hailey, and Selena’s online drama to call out Justin for not taking a stand for Hailey Bieber. Through TikTok, she reacted to the whole drama.

Is Tana Mongeau dating Justin Bieber?

After Tana Mongeau dived in to comment on the whole Justin, Hailey and Selena drama online. Many netizens were wondering if Justin Bieber would date Tana. Well, Tana is known for her relationships with popular stars. However, Tana Mongeau did not date Justin Bieber.

She dated Brad Sousa who is a content creator. Sousa is famous for being a doppelganger of Justin Bieber. Back in 2018 duo dated each other and after Sousa cheated on Tana, the duo broke up.

Who did Tana Mongeau date?

Apart from Brad Sousa, Tana Mongeau is in relationship with many other famous people. One of her most famous relationships was with Jake Paul. Heading into 2019, they couldn’t go far. Tana was also known to be in a relationship with Bella Thorne and Noah Cyrus.

Other people Tana dated included Hunter Moreno, Lil Xan, Mac Miller, and Chris Miles. It wasn’t just during quarantine that she was rumored to be dating Mod Sun.

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