Discover the Viral ‘You Left Me Alone in Costco’ TikTok Trend Taking Over Social Media


A new trend has hit TikTok and it’s called the “You left me alone in Costco”. Although there is no shortage of trending types on TikTok. Every day you get a new one to dominate the platform and this time we chose the “you left me alone in Costco” trend. In case you don’t know anything about this trend. Then here we have all the information about the same.

Read on to know more about TikTok gets a new trend of “You left me alone in Costco”.

New TikTok trend is “You left me alone in Costco”

TikTok gets lots of new trends to try every day. Users love to come across it by looking at it or trying it themselves. This time also we have got one such trend which is going viral on the internet and it is called “You left me alone in Costco” trend.

@saranne_wrap I left you alone for 5 minutes and you spent 873$??? you left me alone in costco #specialinterest #spin #actuallyautistic #coolbugs #Entomology #audhd #hyperfixation #Costco #insects #bugs #autism #molecricket #molecrickets ♬ Costco Escapades Dalecsander – DAleCsander

The trend saying the lines “You left me alone in Costco” is a viral sound. But many people are confused about what the trend is and why the viral sound is used. If you haven’t tried it yet. Then here we are going to tell you about it.

What is the “You left me alone in Costco” trend?

In a viral TikTok trend called the “You left me alone in Costco” trend, someone has to show their video as a shopaholic. All you have to do with this trend is record a video of yourself shopping and then attach a viral TikTok sound.

The first video of this trend appeared back in December. That gave user @Dalecsander’s video about 1.8 million views. A job that has recently gained popularity again and everyone is falling in love with this trend.

Users react to viral TikTok trend “You left me alone in Costco”

Being the biggest trend for the shopaholics, it is loved by everyone who cannot resist spending money at a particular store. Because they are sharing videos of their shopping as well as the viral sound of this trend.


You left me alone in COSTCO 🤣

♬ Costco Escapades Daleksander – DAleXander

While others overreacted to the trend by commenting on the trending videos. One of them wrote, “I left you alone for five minutes and you spent 873$? You left me alone in a shop”. Others also posted their hilarious reaction to the same.

@dalecsander If anyone needs a bulk order of hot dogs lmk #dalecsander #costco #fypシ ♬ Costco Escapades Dalecsander – DAleCsander

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