Drake’s Party with 50 Cent Leads to Lollapalooza Brasil Set Cancellation and Backlash


Controversy arose after Drake canceled his set at 2023 Lollapalooza Brasil after appearing at a party in Miami with 50 Cent the night before. Drake was scheduled to appear at the annual exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday, March 26. However, the festival announced that Aubrey would not be attending and would be replaced by Skillrex. In a statement from Drake for Lallapalooza in São Paulo, he says that there are unforeseen circumstances that have prevented him from assembling his sound and production team. He was looking forward to performing for his Brazilian fans.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, he cannot do anything about it. I’m sorry about that. In addition, a festival refund policy was announced. The night before, Drake was seen on video celebrating with rapper 50 Cent for his birthday celebration at Booby Trap on the River in Miami, leading a few fans to worry that Drake might be partying the night away at a strip club instead it doesn’t seem to be functioning. at the Lallapalooza festival in São Paulo. DRAKE DROPPED TO OPEN HEADLINE AT LOLLAPALOOZA BRAZIL SO I CAN COME TO THE CLUB IN MIAMI WITH 50 PENNY, one person posted on Twitter. GRINGOS IN LATIN AMERICA great. I can’t stand you all.

Drake Faces Backlash Online For Canceling Lollapalooza Brasil Set At The Moment

Drake is taking heat after canceling his set at 2023 but Lollapalooza Brasil was spotted celebrating with 50 Cent in Miami the night before. Drake had an annual exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday. However, that day, the festival made an announcement stating that Aubrey would not be performing and that Skillrex would be replacing her. Due to unforeseen conditions, Drake is without members of his sound and production team, which is fundamental to the recognition of the Lallapalooza show in São Paulo, peruses the statement, according to Google translate. Drake was eager to perform for his fans in Brazil. Unfortunately, this is beyond their control. I’m sorry. The festival also confirmed that it will be issuing refunds soon. The night before, Drake was caught on video celebrating with 50 Cent for his birthday party at Booby Trap on the River in Miami, which left some fans irritated that the rapper could party the night away at strip club but it doesn’t seem to do at the. festival. The flight that went to Bogotá to take Drake to São Paulo was suddenly diverted to Miami.

One user wrote: Strategic issues were said to have chosen to act in Brazil and right now there is this video of him celebrating with 50 Cent coming out with a side-eye emoticon. Drake dropped his show at lolla brazil to GO TO 50 CENT’S BIRTHDAY I can barely handle it, another said. Drake and his team have not formally spoken about the cancellation of Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 at this time. The cancellation came soon after the rapper’s short performance in Argentina’s Lollapalooza, which caused endless shock among his crowd. He started his set late and performed for part of the usual hour and a half performance. In addition, it kept the coordinators from live streaming the event. The rapper’s presentation in Chile’s Lollapalooza was rather short, however, the crowd there was louder for the team he performed. The rapper also recently postponed his performance several times at the Apollo Theater in Toronto, before finally going ahead with it on January 22, 2023.

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