Dylan Mulvaney faces online backlash over ‘Eloise’ costume: Who are Mulvaney’s Parents?


Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney was recently criticized for her transformational video dressing up as the character “Eloise”. Although Dyan is known as a trans activist and supporter of the community. Her transformation videos on social media are too famous. However, the last one in which she dressed up as “Eloise” was slammed by many.

Read on to find out more about Dylan Mulvaney and “Eloise’s” transformation video on the internet.

Dylan Mulvaney’s transformation video dressed as “Eloise” gets trolled.

Dylan Mulvaney is very popular as a trans activist and is known for her presence on social media. She herself had a transformation and keeps posting her videos on the same as well. Recently one of her transformation videos got a lot of attention as she dressed up as the character “Eloise”.

Not to forget, Eloise is a girl character from the book series of the same name written by Kay Thompson back in 1950. In the Dylan transformation video, she dressed up as Eloise wearing a white button down shirt with a black skirt and a pair of suspenders. it with a pink bow.

Netizens troll Dylan Mulvaney for Eloise’s transformation video

Although Dylan Mulvaney has more than millions of followers on TikTok. It was recently that her transformation video as Eloise did not go down well with many. Users on the internet went on to troll the video and also comment on the same. Dylan faced adversity for the Eloise video.

On social media one of the users wrote “We need to have a serious conversation about mental health in this country”. While another user commented “Remember, Biden felt it was important to meet this guy”. One of them even said, “It’s on the global attention tour”.

Who are Dylan Mulvaney’s parents?

With the recent video of Dylan Mulvaney asking a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. What netizens wanted to know more about Dylan was about her parents. Well, Dylan Mulvaney’s parents are James Mulvaney and Donna.

Dylan once shared how her parents, especially dad, accept her transformation. As she said her father realized how proud he was to have her as his daughter when she became a fan. Not to forget, President Joe Biden also recently invited Dylan to the White House for a discussion on transgender rights in the country.

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