EXO’s Sehun Takes Legal Action and Personally Debunks False Rumors


Following SM Entertainment’s new statement regarding misleading rumors about EXO’s Sehun, he has also shared a solo explanation that would mean the circumstances. On March 28, Sehun posted the following on his Instagram Stories: Nonsense posts have been circling the web for a few days, and I felt that I should make a legitimate move to put an end to this immediately. My fans disagree on this, however, there is a woman who has been pretending and claiming to be my girlfriend for a few years. She uploads posts and socializes through social media as we see each other, I had some awareness of this since I found out about her. I have no clue about her in any way, however, letting everything go as a matter of insignificance this immediate circumstance has caused an explosion to this point.

All the photos and posts floating around the web are obviously not me. EXO’s Sehun’s agency, SM Entertainment, has issued a stern warning against misleading pieces of rumours. Before that, an unknown person posted an image on an online community that they claimed to be the KakaoTalk profile picture of Sehun’s non-famous girlfriend. Rumors spread, at that point, that Sehun’s non-famous girlfriend was pregnant given that picture seemed to suggest pregnancy and on the grounds, on March 20 one netizen claimed to the online community that they saw a member of the group idol. going with someone at the OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) facility. The posts have since been deleted. In light of the situation, Sehun’s agency SM Entertainment shared on March 27, “The reports circulating on the web about Sehun are misleading and completely baseless. This is a clear criminal act of spreading false and malicious information about the idol.

EXO’s Sehun Really Explains Fake Rumors + SM Entertainment Reports Legal Action Against Malicious False Information

Recently, a netizen took to his SNS and accused EXO’s Sehun of being pregnant with his non-celebrity lover. The baseless post spread like wildfire among the artist’s followers. Around a similar time, one more post surfaced about someone looking at an idol at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic. Netizens rushed to link the two with various hypotheses about Sehun. SM Entertainment rushed to answer the false rumors. While Sehun’s management agency Exo SM Entertainment proactively responded to the rumors, Sehun himself didn’t spend much time responding to the aforementioned baseless allegations. The EXO member took to his official SNS and revealed that he was angry about the circumstances. Despite the fact that he was keeping a quiet front, he informed the fans not to give in to any misunderstanding. Fans were surprised to see Sehun’s response, who in the past did not respond in the manner he was recently referred to. EXO-Ls rushed to help Sehun in his post and expressed how anyone who follows Sehun can invest their considerable investment to send heat.

And back to the artist instead of spreading misleading and baseless rumours. While many fans reacted angrily to the stories, a significant number responded saying that no one should engage in activities that could harm one’s reputation and mental health. In their official statement, SM Entertainment revealed that those rumored pieces are false and misleading. The agency then said, at that point, that it is wrong to spread such false and defamatory information about anyone. The organization also indicated that they were busy investigating what is happening. In the past, the agency SM Entertainment has often been blamed for not protecting its artist as much as possible. Recently, SM Entertainment posted a video on its official YouTube channel in which it explained how it will approach dealing with its artists in the future. In that video, the organization also assured fans that they would now be more careful about any online harassment or allegations made against their artists/faith.

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