Gerard Pique under fire for ‘xenophobic’ comments on ex Shakira’s Latin American fans


Despite critics’ claims that Gerald cheated on Shakira, Gerard Piqué learned to prevent them. And during the week, the former soccer player spoke to Gerard Romero about how Piqué has handled backlash since he split with the Colombian musician in June 2022. It was terrible at first, and when I could everything let me in, I want to jump. off a cliff, he admitted in his native Spanish, emphasizing that his careless approach saved his mental health. Piqué went on to claim that “95 percent” of people’s issues stem from their tendency to “care about things that aren’t that significant.” According to him, the only things worth worrying about are serious health, family and relationship issues. On the other hand, his marriage became the subject of controversy when he and Shakira, 46, divorced after 11 years of marriage. After learning about Piqué’s extramarital relationship with model Clara Chia Marti, fans were quick to criticize him on social media. For example, my ex is Latino… You have no clue what he is [remarks] I received it from his followers on social media. During the interview, he told Romero, “Millions of atrocities!” However, none of this matters to me. I really don’t know who they are. Why should I care about some of these people who have no life? I will never meet them because they are robots.

In A Recent Interview, Gerard Piqué Criticized His Ex Shakira And Says Her Fans

Shakira’s fans have “no life”, according to her ex Gerard Piqué. The former footballer, 36, who split from the 46-year-old ‘Whenever, Where’ singer, with whom he shares two children Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, in June 2022, also admitted that he is happy to talk about it. his life if he considered the harassment he received from his followers. Gerard Piqué told Romero about his hatred of the divorce: “It was bad at first, and it got to the point where I could let things get to me, that I would have jumped off a cliff. Gerard Piqué continued to say, expressing that he expected to withstand racial abuse, For example, the former leader is Latino… You had no idea how many statements I received from him fans on social media. Countless atrocities! But I don’t value it at all, he said. I really don’t understand who they are. Why should I care about these people who have no life?

I won’t meet them because they’re robots, you know? Gerard added that his imbalance was “healthy,” implying that if you care what other people think, you’re dead. They want you to care, and if you do, they will win. You need to show that you don’t care because it makes them worse. Gerard previously stated in an interview with El Pais that he was not sorry to leave Shakira after 11 years, saying, “I always do what I want.” I hope that when I die, I can look back and say that I did what I always wanted to do. I want to be true to myself. Meanwhile, Shakira left her beloved Barcelona for a new life in Miami with her husband, which she describes as part of her “pursuit of happiness”. According to reports, she received an “eviction notice” from Gerard’s father, Joan Piqué, who is believed to be the sole director of her son’s holding company, Kerad Holding.

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