Gizelle Bryant gets slammed for using a homophobic slur on her podcast


Gizelle Bryant found herself in hot waters with netizens after using a gay slur on her Reasonably Shady podcast.

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Gizelle Bryant receives backlash after making a disparaging remark

A segment from Gizelle Bryant’s podcast called Reasonably Shady is making the rounds on social media.

Additionally, the video appears to be viral from the Real Housewives of Potomac star’s episode that aired on Monday, April 3.

Bryant is seen making homophobic slurs while talking about the Fox Nation documentary with co-host Robyn Dixon.

In addition, Bryant begins to share the plot of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax documentary.

She said, ‘So they were supposed to put a noose around his neck, they were supposed to call him ‘f** got’ or something … a gay empire boy or something.’

Bryant reportedly hesitated for a while after making the comment. On the other hand, apparently, Dixon was surprised by her choice of words.

In addition, listeners believed that Dixon made a sound during the interview suggesting that Bryant went too far with her speech.

In addition, the doc series discussed the alleged attack on the Empire actress in 2019.

Fans blamed Gizelle Bryant for using gay remarks

Social media users took things online to criticize Gizelle Bryant for her use of homophobic slurs.

Even though Bryant was discussing a documentary in the viral segment, fans still weren’t impressed with her publicly using the words.

Furthermore, despite being a bit hesitant in the podcast, Bryant did not stop and apologize for using derogatory terms.

So, people started calling her names and some labeled her as an ‘ugly woman’ while others demanded that she should be punished.

A user wrote, ‘Not pretending she’s hesitant to say that word when you know she probably says it on a regular basis. A real actor.’

Someone else chimed in saying, I wonder if @GizelleBryant is too old to get pierced in the mouth that often. Because one of these days someone is going to do it.’

Another user added, ‘I consider anything hosted and produced by gizelle bryant to be broadcast domestic terror!’

Meanwhile, Bryant addressed the slurs while trying to do some damage control. However, they did not succeed.

The 52-year-old actor said, ‘They [people in the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax documentary] was supposed to scream that. These are the words Jussie gave the trainers to do.’


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