Grand Mufti of Oman calls for financial support for Palestinians – Middle East Monitor


The Grand Mufti of Oman Ahmed Bin Hamad Al-Khalili has called for financial assistance to be provided to the Palestinian people to help them stand up to the Israeli occupation.

Al-Khalili shared in a statement on Twitter on Friday: “One of the best and truest deeds is to provide the material aid they need to the Palestinian people who are struggling to remain steadfast against the occupation.”

Al-Khalili added: “The blessed month of Ramadan is a winning season for good deeds. The reward for good deeds is multiplied many times. the one who does an obligatory deed is awarded 70 obligatory deeds.”

“The Prophet, may the prayers and peace of God be upon him, was the most generous of people with goodness, and he was generous in Ramadan, as it was said in the Hadith of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them both, so for anyone asking for good for themselves and God is rewarding him for his desire to encourage him to do good in this month,” he said.

The mufti of Oman is known for his stance in support of the Palestinian people and their cause, and he has previously called on Muslims to stand by and support the Palestinian resistance, strongly criticizing the wave of normalization with Israel.

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