Gwen Stefani’s CMT Awards performance receives mixed reviews from fans


Gwen Stefani’s recent performance at the Country Music Television Awards left people divided. During the 57th annual Country Music Television Awards, held in Austin, Texas (Monday, April 3), a cast of superstars took the stage. Gwen Stefani’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was mixed, despite her status as a pop prince and the continued popularity of her songs like ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘The Sweet Escape’ on my ‘Feel Good’ playlist. In addition to singing with Blake Shelton, Stefani performed with Carly Pearce on ‘Just a Girl,’ originally performed by No Doubt from the Tragic Kingdom album.

Stefani and Pearce performed a genre-bending remix of the song at the awards, wowing the live and at-home audience. Unfortunately, not all viewers enjoyed it. CMT’s Instagram clip of the performance was viewed by millions, although some viewers were less than thrilled. However, Stefani’s other fans embraced the remix and took to social media to show their support. Despite some country listeners not being too happy about the performance, Gwen didn’t let it get in the way of her performance. Her social media posts from the night seem to indicate that she had a great time in Austin and enjoyed her time there. Plus, Carly wanted to spend time with Gwen Stefani, which was the most important part.

Fans Divided After Gwen Stefani’s ‘Butcher’ Performance At CMT Awards

Although Gwen Stefani performed alongside Blake Shelton at the 2023 CMT Music Awards, her solo performance surprised some viewers. In a performance of her hit song “Just a Girl,” the former No Doubt frontwoman performed with Carly Pearce at one of country music’s biggest events. It was incredible to see the former coach of The Voice remix a well-known rock song into different genres during the awards show, as the duo tore up the stage with a memorable performance. @gwenstefani and @carlypearce’s ICONIC performance of Just A Girl from the #CMTAwards has been posted on the official CMT Instagram account. Gwen teamed up with the “What He Not Do” singer and performed the hit song in a unique way, but country fans were far less enthusiastic. On Instagram, some people said that it wasn’t as relevant to them as it used to be. According to one person, Gwen Stefani is amazing. It was a shame. This was butchered, and it didn’t belong at the Country Music Television Awards. I don’t understand what is going on here. I’m sorry, but this is terrible. Another person wrote I don’t know why she is trying so hard to change her voice. Another said, If it wasn’t for Blake, this wouldn’t have happened.

A fourth user said: They are beautiful and talented, but this is not country music. Just because she married a country music artist? Please, no, no. However, other Stefani fans flooded social media in support of the remix and showed their support for the singer. One user wrote: It would be so much better if you had a life… Gwen is always great and country, but they have fun with it because they are on stage. Another user said, there’s nothing you’re not worried about! She sounds like she was 20 years ago! A legend, she is. Kacey Musgraves isn’t the biggest country thing either, but we eat it up and nobody cares. Added by a third user, you always have something to complain about. Conclusion: None of you make sense! From pop to country or country to pop, they all switch back and forth. Take a step back! It was great. There weren’t other acts in the country, so I don’t see why you would miss them! Why does Gwen hate? She has done nothing wrong to anyone. Although country listeners weren’t too happy with her performance, Gwen didn’t let that affect her performance. The “Hollaback Girl” singer seems to have enjoyed her time in Austin since she shared some highlights from the event on social media. Besides, Carly couldn’t wait to share that moment with Gwen, the most important one.

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