Inside ‘Dear Guest’, Egypt’s First-Ever One-Day Award Show


Inside ‘Dear Guest’, Egypt’s First Day Awards Show

Almost two decades ago, Dalia Mohamed and her husband Maged Hosny took a risk and left their stable jobs in the hospitality industry to start Dear Guest, a magazine focused on business and lifestyle. But this was only the beginning.

“As humans we need someone to arrest us for our effort, for our work,” Dalia shares with Streets of Egypt. “That’s where the idea started.”

Therefore, to appreciate those whose work stands out in the fields of film, television, music, and even the corporate world, Dear Guest became pioneers in organizing award ceremonies honoring “the most best of the year” – initially only through the Guest Design Awards. , but now also through the Middle East Music Awards (MEMA), and the Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA).

Dalia, the managing editor and director of Dear Guest, is this week’s guest on ‘Empowering Success’, a Mountain View initiative that highlights entrepreneurs from their community and the stories of their inspiring journeys.

With fairness and credibility at their core values, Aoi, my friend, devised ways to ensure that the right people won and that the unsung heroes were always respected. Whether the votes are cast by experts and professionals, as in the ACA, or by the audience, as in the Dear Guest Awards, every artist has an equal chance of being recognized.

Over the years, the various Dear Guest award ceremonies have welcomed some of the best celebrities in Egypt and the Arab World, making a name for themselves and building strong relationships with both the honorees and the audience.

To learn more about how Dear Guest grew from a risky venture to a two-decade success story celebrating art and entertainment, watch the extended interview with Dalia, or listen to the ‘Empowering Success’ podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

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