Islamic Jihad condemns invitation for Israeli officers to break Ramadan fast in Hebron – Middle East Monitor


Islamic Jihad in Palestine has condemned an invitation to Israeli army commanders to break the Ramadan fast with local Muslims in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Safa There is a report.

A group of Palestinian businessmen and tribal leaders apparently invited officials from the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Civil Administration to share Iftar with them on Saturday.

“Such activities are rejected, which come amid continuous Israeli aggression and terrorism against the Palestinians,” said Islamic Jihad. He pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities “continue their attack” against the Palestinians. “Such an invitation is a stab in the back of the Palestinians and theirs [legitimate] resistance.”

Describing the invitation as a “strange act”, the movement pointed out that it contradicts Palestinian morals and principles. “This is a treason against the blood of the martyrs, the suffering of the prisoners and the pain of the wounded. Businessmen and factory owners are trading the blood of the martyrs in exchange for cheap personal interests.”

Islamic Jihad stressed that Hebron is the city of the Prophet Ibrahim, and has a long history of opposition to Israeli occupation. Martyrs and prisoners have come “from among the best of his sons.” Finally, he asked the residents of Hebron to “abandon” the people behind this “unacceptable act.”

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