Israel army officials warn of major crisis amid threats of multi-front escalation – Middle East Monitor


Senior Israeli army officers have warned of a major crisis in the face of “tangible threats of multidimensional escalation,” Akka news website reported on Friday.

Senior army officers, according to AkkaReported by a Hebrew newspaper Maairiv saying that the Israeli army is experiencing an internal crisis related to the reservists protesting against the proposed government judicial reform.

Maairiv the senior officers reported warning that such phenomena could spread among regular army personnel.

The officials said, given the ongoing coordination among Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas: “We recognize that the internal crisis is an opportunity to harm Israel.”

Maairiv the officials reported saying that the “hostile axis” is testing the limits and is waiting for the best opportunity.

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“Ramadan is just one small chapter among the difficult months to come,” army officials warned.

Following his meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned: “The [army] rejecting the State of Israel is a terrible risk,” lest rejection spill over from the reservists to the army.

Netanyahu added: “The country cannot exist without the IDF. There will be no nation, it’s very simple,” warning: “All the red lines have been crossed, and people who were responsible took the security of the country this cynicism suddenly. .”

On Friday, 200 reserve pilots and 100 doctors in the military reserves confirmed that the service would be stopped due to legislative pressure, Times of Israel reported.

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