Israel demolishes Palestine village of Al-Araqeeb for 215th time – Middle East Monitor


The Israeli Labor authorities today separated the village of Al-Araqeeb, located in the Negev (Naqab) Desert for the 215th time since 2010, and the 4th time this year.

Israeli forces raided the village and forced the residents, mostly women and children, out of the village to demolish what the residents had rebuilt using wooden and plastic sheets to shelter their families shelter from the last demolition.

Every time the village is separated due to illegal construction, its Palestinian residents return to the land and rebuild their homes, clearly rejecting Israel’s attempt to expel them from their land where they have lived for generations.

Al-Araqeeb is an unrecognized village, where about 800 people live on livestock and farming, although the residents proved through legal means in the 1970s their right to own 1,250 dunams of land.

In a previous report, Zochrot, an organization of Israeli Jewish and Arab activists documenting the Palestinian Nakba of 1948, said that Al-Araqeeb was first built during the Ottoman period, on land bought by the residents.

The organization says the authorities are working to evict the village’s residents to control their land, noting that Israel does not recognize many other villages in the Negev (Naqab) Desert, home to over 240,000 Palestinians and refuses to it provides any public services. with them including electricity and water networks, roads, schools and health centres.

The residents of this village are constantly living under the threat of forced removal and relocation and demolition of their homes.

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