Israel experiences ‘unprecedented’ danger – Middle East Monitor


Former Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo warned on Friday that Israel is facing a “catastrophic” and “unprecedented” danger. Palestine Information Center (PIC) reported.

Pardo, the PIC exposed, talk to Channel 12warned: “Israel has reached a very dangerous situation regarding the internal division caused by the right-wing plan to weaken the judicial system and turn the country into a dictatorship.”

He said: “I am 70 years old. I did not imagine that we would come to this point. This is the most existential danger from independence.”

The former intelligence officer said that Israel: “There is no need to destroy a nuclear bomb … our state has decided to adapt to a method of self-destruction.”

According to Pardo: “Everyone is closely following what is happening with Washington, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, although this threat does not exist. What is happening sends a message of weakness to the world.”

He concluded: “If laws are annulled and judicial authority is turned into a game in the hands of the ruling party, this means the document of independence will be destroyed.”

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