Israel Threatens to Fire Pilots Refusing Service amid Judicial Overhaul Chaos

Israel protested against Netanyahu’s judicial reform. (Photo: Hanay, via Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli Air Force Chief Tomer Bar has threatened reservist pilots who refuse to participate in training or service amid a rift over controversial judicial reform plans, Israeli media reported Monday.

Israel’s Channel 12 quoted Barra as saying that off-duty reservist pilots will be subject to sanctions and may be removed from operational activity.

Hundreds of Israeli reserve soldiers have refused to report for service or training as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government moves ahead with its judicial reform plans.

The Israeli Army relies on reservist soldiers during emergencies as they augment the Israeli army’s ability to conduct military operations.

Ben-Gvir Agrees to Delay Judicial Reform in Exchange for ‘National Guard’

Israel has seen mass protests over the past three months against the Netanyahu government’s plans for judicial reform, which the opposition sees as an attempt to reduce the powers of the judiciary in favor of the executive.

Netanyahu, however, insists that his judicial plans would improve democracy and restore the balance between the legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Last week, Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption, bowed to pressure and announced a temporary halt to the judicial reform plans.


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