Israelis and Jews protest against Netanyahu’s visit to London – Middle East Monitor


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was greeted by protests by hundreds of Israelis and Jews outside 10 Downing Street today, as anger over his judicial reform intensified after he was followed to London, Reuters reports.

Netanyahu shook hands with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the steps of Downing Street while nearby protesters held Israeli flags and shouted “Netanyahu go to jail, you can’t speak for Israel”.

The scenes in London echoed those in Berlin last week, where hundreds gathered at the Brandenburg Gate to protest planned judicial reforms that have plunged Israel into crisis.

Netanyahu faced weeks of mass protests after his religious-nationalist coalition pursued changes to the judiciary that would give the government control over the selection of judges and limit the Supreme Court’s power to overturn laws.

The move is causing concern at home and abroad about the country’s democratic checks and balances.

Broadcasters were hoping to be able to film the start of a meeting between Sunak and Netanyahu but that seems to have been cancelled.

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Outside Downing Street protesters, surrounded by British police and restricted by metal barricades, waved Israeli flags and had signs saying “You can’t enjoy a weekend in London when you’re bringing down democracy!”.

British and Israeli Jews have taken part in several large demonstrations in London in recent weeks, gathering in Westminster for “Defend Israel’s Democracy” events.

Netanyahu was expected to meet British interior minister Suella Braverman.

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