Joker 2 Set: Lady Gaga’s Surprising Request for a Special On-Set Name Revealed!


It seems that Lady Gaga has completely gone into acting again. In the new sequel Joker Folie à Deux, the ‘Poker Face’ singer plays Harley Quinn. Lawrence Sher, the film’s cinematographer, said in a recent podcast interview that Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, was only interested in being called by a certain name on set. He said he didn’t know Stefani at all. “I felt like I’d never met her, especially when it came to makeup and hair tests.” That might be my concept of not invading their privacy. And then I remember thinking for a week, “God, I feel like we’re disconnecting.” There is no link. We are diametrically opposed.” “And I would say to my team, ‘Jesus, I can’t break it.'”

She despises me or we despise each other. Something strange is going on here.” I barely said anything except Stefani, this is where you had a second team, a little bit, and the HR responded. ‘Oh you know, Stef would appreciate it if you called her Lee on set.'” And I was like, oh, 100%, and the next thing I said was something like ‘Lee,’ and “It was like that changed everything.” His entire presence changed our relationship. “Okay, cool,” I thought. Of course, this isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has completely submerged herself in character. For nine months, the singer spoke with a Northern Italian accent all day, every day, to ‘authentically’ represent Patrizia Reggiani in the House of Gucci 2021.

In The New Joker Sequel Folie à Deux, Cast And Crew Asked To Call Lady Gaga By A Specific Name Set

Oscar-winning musician and actress Lady Gaga reportedly wanted to be called “Lee” while filming her role as DC Comics villain Harley Quinn in Todd Phillips’ upcoming blockbuster Joker series: Folie à Deux, according to the film’s cinematographer. “I remembered that I didn’t know Stefani at all and, strangely enough, I felt like I’d never really met her, even during the makeup and hair test,” said Lawrence Sher, Oscar-nominated director of photography on The Trenches podcast, referring to the A Star Is Born actress’ real name, Stefani Germanotta. “I remember feeling like we were disconnected, rather than connected. We’ve been on the other side for almost a week.” ‘Jesus, I can’t bend it,’ I would say to my team. ‘I have a feeling that she despises me or we’re jealous of each other, or there’s something weird going on here.'” Sher, who won an Academy Award for his work framing returning actor Joaquin Phoenix in 2019’s Joker, said he barely said anything to Gaga at first, other than “small little things” on the address — while simultaneously using the address “Stef.”

And then, at a certain point, the HR said, ‘Oh, you know, Stef would like it if you called her Lee on set,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, 100%,’ and…. Suddenly, something ‘Lee’ came out of my mouth, and everything changed,” said Sher. “It was like our whole connection changed at that point.” Okay, cool, that’s all I need to know, I thought. That changed everything. Then we finished the film, and there was a lot more connection.” Lady Gaga will appear in the Joker sequel from Phoenix in mid-2022, with production wrapping up this spring. The project is a musical sequel to the previous film, which apparently follows Harley Quinn and the Joker while imprisoned at Arkham Asylum. Gaga appeared in paparazzi images taken during filming in New York City wearing a stripped-down version of Harley Quinn’s usual outfit, which included a clown-like costume, streaked blonde hair, a sexy top, a leather skirt, and a scarlet jacket. The first Joker picture was a huge financial and critical success, earning Phoenix Best Actor at the 2020 Oscars and over $1 billion worldwide at the box office.

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