Katy Perry Set to Make a Triumphant Return to ‘American Idol’ Alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan!


Despite rumours that a certain “mean judge” would not return, American Idol has revealed that Katy Perry will return for a seventh season on ABC, joining Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Ryan Seacrest will continue to host the show. Last season, Perry finds herself in the spotlight of fans, especially after participant Sara Beth Liebe accused Perry of mom-shaming her during tryouts. The judges were taken aback when they discovered Liebe, who appeared to be 16, was actually 25 years old. Perry rose up from her chair and jokingly pretended to fall back on the judge’s table when she disclosed she had three children. Liebe left the reality competition after the first episode. Later, Perry was heckled by the audience after making a remark regarding participant Nutsa Buzaladze’s abundance of glitter.

She also misled several contestants into believing they were leaving when, in fact, they were staying to compete, prompting Bryan to write, “Katy Perry enjoys scaring these kids.” Anyway, that’s when everyone started talking about Perry perhaps quitting her job to spend additional time with her family. The return of the live virtual nationwide search for contestants kicks begin auditions on Wednesday, Aug. 2. The 22nd season of American Idol will premiere in the spring of 2024. Sony Pictures Television produces American Idol with Fremantle and 19 Entertainment. Megan Wolflick, who also serves as showrunner, & Jennifer Mullin of Fremantle are executive producers, with Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman of 19 Entertainment serving as executive producers. Fremantle is the global distributor for the series.

American Idol Returns With Katy Perry, Luke Bryan And Lionel Richie; Auditions Begin In August

ABC announced on Tuesday that Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie would return to the American Idol judging panel for the next season, which will broadcast in spring 2024. In addition, Ryan Seacrest will return as the show’s host. Interested hopefuls can join up to audition for the reality competition series beginning Aug. 4 with the return of “Idol Across America,” the virtual statewide search that discovered last season’s champion, Iam Tongi. They can select a time window based on their location or chosen musical genre during August and September, with more details accessible here. Following its 15-season run on Fox, ABC revived the show in 2018 with Perry, Bryan, and Richie as new cast members. During the most recent season, the 38-year-old “Teenage Dream” singer provoked outrage among fans with a series of statements she made to participants. Bryan, 46, commended Perry in an interview with Fox News last month, saying he is used to dealing with unfavorable publicity. In his opinion, Katy Perry has had to deal with things like that her entire career.

It’s all about passing judgement on children who are popular at home, right? As judges, we’re not going to hit 1,000.” The country singer says he, Perry, and Richie are frequently forced into difficult situations since it falls to them to be critical of finalists who audiences admire. This season, Perry received some criticism from viewers, which began during auditions when she quipped that contender Sara Beth Liebe, a mother of three children, had been “putting on the table too much.” In a TikTok video, Liebe accused Perry of being a “mom-shamer” and then abandoned the contest, despite Perry’s efforts to convince her otherwise. Liebe later expressed gratitude to both the show and Perry, hinting that the two were friendly. Then, during an episode of Idol, Perry was booed after telling competitor Nutsa Buzaladze to wear less glitter on stage, and she was chastised for not providing comments to contestant Wé Ani. Bryan proceeded to defend Perry in his Fox News interview, arguing the backlash is unjustified.

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