Kelly Clarkson apologies for pulling ‘one of the meanest moves in The Voice


Chance the Rapper tried to steal a singer from Kelly Clarkson’s team on Monday’s episode of The Voice on NBC. But she blocked it by using a new Play Pass to block it

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Kelly Clarkson pulls a fast one in the latest episode of The Voice

The Voice Season 23 has entered the final Battle Week which gave fans a glimpse of Kelly Clarkson’s competitive skills.

Additionally, Monday’s episode opened with Team Kelly contestant Ali battling D. Smooth, also known as David Mitchell.

The Miss Independent singer chose to sing Unaware with Allen Stone because they were both so relaxed.

However, the challenge ended in Ali’s favor. But while D. Smooth was saying goodbye, Chance the Rapper took the opportunity to push the button to steal it.

He said, ‘Team Chance man. Finally, I accept someone from Kelly and it feels so amazing.’

Meanwhile, Clarkson interrupted him saying, ‘Can I just say something real quick. I’m using my PlayPass.’

She continued, ‘I feel bad because you might want to work with him but I don’t care. I like you. You have the gift to make it all the way to the finale.’

If you didn’t know, the passport was introduced last week. Next, it gives coaches the power to override someone else’s theft. So, she still has D. Smooth and Ali on her side.

In addition, Blake Shelton commented on it saying, ‘one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.’

Kelly Clarkson reveals her favorite exercise on The Voice

Kelly Clarkson recently shared her favorite exercise in The Voice after being one of the coaches for almost nine seasons of the show.

In addition, her team’s singers Holly Brand and Katie Beth Forakis were honored. The two artists faced each other on Monday as they sang a cover of Lady Like by Ingrid Andress.

Clarkson on the other hand said, ‘I love this song. I love the idea of ​​powerful women singing a powerful message. I think it’s absolutely fantastic.’

She continued, ‘Holly is a powerhouse country singer. … She has a big, full voice. Katie Beth has this amazing thing about her, these incredible runs that she does. She goes to these places that are almost like jazz.’

She admitted that she would have a hard time choosing between the two contestants.


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