Kelsea Ballerini stands behind her CMT performance with her drag queens


Kelsea Ballerini seems to have no regrets about delivering a brand new performance with her drag queens on national television. Moreover, the news revealed that her performance did not surprise the showrunners.

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Kelsea Ballerini backs her performance at the 57th CMT Awards

Sources with direct knowledge told TMZ that Kelsea Ballerini was in hot water after her performance at the CMT Music Awards on Sunday.

If you didn’t know, she begged four ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queens to stand next to her on stage during the performance.

Moreover, the criticism she is receiving seems to be falling on deaf ears. Ballerini reportedly doesn’t regret her performance one bit.

Additionally, insiders claim that Ballerini fully supports her decision to include drag queens in her performance.

Meanwhile, it seems that many conservatives have taken issue with the drag queen’s appearance. They have further begun to call Ballerini and CMT out of their wake.

As for the unversed, the drag queens seemed planned.

Production sources reported to the media that both CMT and CBS were aware of the drag queen’s surprise cameo.

In addition, the insider said they have been helping Ballerini in her performances and rehearsals since Friday.

Meanwhile, one of the drag queens, Manila Luzon, claimed that Ballerini came up with the idea of ​​them being part of the performance.

Additionally, Ballerini’s act of rebellion comes after Tennessee passed an anti-trafficking law (Tennessee Senate Bill 3). Additionally, Tennessee became the first state to explicitly ban drag shows in public spaces after Bill Lee signed the provision.

TikTok users respond to Kelsea Ballerini’s CMT performance

Despite criticism from other netizens, TikTok users have taken to the platform to rally behind Kelsea Ballerini for her CMT performance.

Additionally, they praised her for using the stage to defy anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and many users said she is brave to make such a bold statement on national television.

A user wrote, ‘Tennessee said they were banning drag and kelsea said no on my watch.’

Someone else chimed in saying, ‘I don’t like country music but now I’m a Kelsea Ballerini fan.’

Another user added, ‘I have no words!!!!! As she sings this song and takes it out with her. A real class act!’

Another user went on to say, ‘This was the most iconic part of the whole night.’


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