Latto responds to accusations of copying Ice Spice in latest rap feud


In an online post, Latto recently denied copying Ice Spice, a rising star Bronx rapper. While the Columbus, Ohio native has a fair amount of beef with the rap ladies, Latto claimed that fans are stirring up trouble for the rapper. When Latto failed to recognize the lyrics to Ice Spice’s hit single “Bikini Bottom” in January, the drama returned last week (March 17) after Ice Spice tweeted: bitches only take notes from me. In between promos for her new single, Latto took to Twitter with a message of her own.

PUSSC is not accepting nuns! Latto didn’t directly address Ice Spice in her comments, but fans interpreted it as a hit back. After some digging in the files, some of the people discussing the social media concluded that the RCA artist copied the “Munch” rapper. Additionally, Latto claims she was arrested at the airport for carrying a loaded gun in her Birkin bag. Her revelation first came to light through her verse on a recent song by Chicago drill star Mello Buckzz, “Boom, Pt. 2,” in which she mentions being locked in the airport for forgetting her gun. The tidbit naturally raised more than a few eyebrows online.

As Ice Spiced Beef Fans Woke Up, Latto Says “Leave Me Alone”

In response to accusations that she is copying Ice Spice, Latto told fans to leave them alone. After Ice Spice fans accused her online of copying the rising star Bronx rapper, Latto is defending herself. Latto has had her fair share of beefs with female rappers, but she claims fans are ripping off the pot to create a feud with Ice Spice. When Latto failed to recognize the lyrics to Ice Spice’s hit single “Bikini Bottom” in January, she was accused of overshadowing her. There was more drama last week (March 17) after Ice Spice tweeted, This B###### ain’t gonna take s### from me, but notes. Meanwhile, Latto took to Twitter to promote his new song. B###### PUSSC does not accept nuns!!! She wrote. Ice Spice was not the intended target of Latto’s comment, but fans interpreted it that way, claiming it was a slap in the face. The RCA artist copies the “Munch” rapper, according to some social media sleuths. The so-called receipts were collected in one Twitter thread. Photos of the women posing are the same with the conclusion that Latto is obsessed with Ice Spice. On Tuesday afternoon, Latto re-shared a post on Instagram story denying that she copied the ice spice pose used on the cover of Like…? PE. In December 2020, she shared an image of Latto in the same bent position. I don’t like how you take my tweets and change them to fit your weak-ass stories, she tweeted shortly after.

For posting the December picture on IG, she denied claims that she was “creating the narrative.” Let me clarify every time someone accuses me of copying them. Nun my nun less., she replied before adding “Leave Me Alone” to three images. At LAX, Latto was arrested for carrying a loaded gun in her Birkin bag. She revealed this in her verse on Chicago drill star Mello Buckzz’s latest song, “Boom, Pt. 2,” in which she discusses forgetting her gun and being locked in an airport. Of course, the tidbit raised more than a few eyebrows online. After a fan tweeted the lyrics, the “Big Energy” rapper confirmed it on Twitter, prompting another person to ask for more information. After Latto got a chance to respond, she made up a wild story about a strange incident that happened at LAX International Airport, where she was supposed to catch an $85,000 private jet. She wrote, “I went to LAX with a loaded Glock 17 in my Birk,” adding that she was locked up and let out within a few hours lmaoo, so she made it to her show on time. Despite not specifying when exactly this happened, the Grammy nominee told critics that she doesn’t have caps on my rap. Despite this, some people still insist that the story was made up after seeing the “Lottery” artist’s tweet.

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