Leonardo DiCaprio testifies in Pras Michel’s money laundering trial


Leonardo DiCaprio gave bombshell testimony in the trial of Pras Michel, international money laundering, and bribery.

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Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Pras Michel’s trial

Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand in federal court Monday morning in the trial of ex-Fugees rapper Pras Michel.

As for the unversed, Michel is accused of extorting money from a Malaysian financier who is on the run to influence US politicians.

In addition, at the heart of the case is Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, who allegedly benefited from the 1MDB plot.

In addition, DiCaprio’s connection to the case stems from his friendship with Low for many years. The latter was one of the main financiers behind his film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

Later, DiCaprio revealed that he first met Low at a birthday party in Las Vegas in 2010.

He said, ‘I understood that he is a huge businessman with many different connections in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia.’

In addition, the 48-year-old Oscar-winning actor told jurors that he attended ‘huge parties’ on yachts and nightclubs at Low’s invitation, along with other celebrities.


DiCaprio told him he had known the defendant since sometime in the 90s after meeting him backstage after a Fugees concert.

The Titanic star made a special memory when he flew to Australia to celebrate New Year’s Eve, then headed to Las Vegas to celebrate for the second time in one day.

Meanwhile, Low built a relationship with DiCaprio while donating to his foundation. He then offered to finance his film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

DiCaprio stated, ‘He was a legitimate businessman trying to invest in the film.’

In addition, DiCaprio said that he had a conversation with Low when the latter said that he intended to contribute significantly to the re-election of Barack Obama.

DiCaprio said, ‘It was a significant sum – something in the order of $20-$30 million,

He added, ‘I said, wow that’s a lot of money!’

Who is Jho Low?

Jho Low is a Malaysian businessman who became a fugitive after leaving the United States of America.

In addition, he faces a plethora of offenses including money laundering charges.

In addition, he is linked to the fund 1MDB, the full form of 1Malaysia Development Bhd, which is involved in an embezzlement scandal.

Low attended Wharton, a prestigious business school of the University of Pennsylvania. He also rented a club for his 20th birthday for about $40,000 in Philadelphia to party with his friends.


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