Lizzo’ Heartwarming Gesture: Brings Bullied Girl Onstage During Sydney Concert


Lizzo recently during her Sydney show invited a young fan on stage who would get bullied for dancing to motivate her. Post which her fans have been busy praising her for the gesture towards her young fan. No doubt, Lizzo has proven once again that she is more than a performer and is ready to help anyone who is feeling left behind.

Read ahead to know more about Lizzo being praised for her sweet gesture toward a young fan who got bullied for dancing.

Lizzo and her Sydney, Australia show

Music artists around the world have been giving their fans a great time with their shows and concerts. Among them, we had the About Damn Time singer Lizzo as well. Lizzo has been performing in her shows and was recently seen performing in Sydney, Australia venue.

While Lizzo went on to perform in her Sydney show. Audiences present there saw a sweet gesture of the singer toward her young fan. A young fan amid the crowd was carrying a sign with a line written on it as “Help me show my haters I’m 100% that b-” and Lizzo couldn’t stop interacting with that fan.

Lizzo’s sweet gesture toward a young fan

Although we see many fans carrying a sign with a message in the concerts of music artists. Not every time the fans get lucky to catch the attention of the artist performing on stage with those signs. However, recently a young fan of Lizzo got lucky when the About Damn Time singer read her sign.

Lizzo then went on to ask the fan why she needs her help. To which the young fan said, “I get bullied on social media and they always tell me I’m not good enough”. She then added, “because I like to dance and sing and I want to be like you. I love you”.

Lizzo then invited the young fan to the stage and told her “You’re talented and you’re beautiful”. Motivating her fan she said, “you can do anything- and you’re so young, you can be the greatest dancer in the world! You have so much time”.

@shellywixted1990 When Munroe’s dream came true.. #Lizzo #sydney @Sarah Mills -Amongst the stars ♬ original sound – ShellyWixted1990

Netizens praise Lizzo for her sweet gesture towards her fan at Sydney show

Lizzo not only motivated her young fan Monroe on stage. But she even made her dance too. While the crowd was present there were chanting the name of Monroe making it an unforgettable experience for the young fan of Lizzo.

Not just that, Lizzo then took a phone to record the video as well saying “We need to talk to your haters”. She added, “Don’t talk about my bestie Monroe no more! You’re going to have to go through me. She’s a star, she’s a diva!”.

Netizens saw the video of Lizzo on the internet and have been praising the singer for her gesture towards her fan.

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