Mama June’s daughter ‘Chickadee’ has begun to lose hair amid battle with cancer


Mama June’s daughter, Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell is currently battling stage 4 cancer. In addition, although she continues to be hopeful that she will become healthy again, Chickadee has started to lose her hair.

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Mama June’s daughter ‘Chickadee’ loses hair as she battles cancer

A family source revealed to TMZ that Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell underwent her first round of chemotherapy in February.

Despite this, however, chunks of 8-year-old hair have started coming out of her head.

In addition, Cardwell is taking steps to change her diet and has reduced her sugar intake. She wants emorelre protein.

Meanwhile, Cardwell shares two daughters Kaitlyn, 10, and Kylee, 7, with her estranged husband, Michael Cardwell. She tied the knot in 2014 before parting ways three years later in 2017.

She admitted she was hesitant to marry anyone after her breakup with Michael during an interview with The Sun in June 2021.

Cardwell said, ‘You never know what’s going to happen.’

She continued, ‘I always tell him that marriage is just a piece of paper saying, “Hey, you’re married.”‘

The reality star added: ‘I told myself if we do it for the last four years, then we can talk about it more.’

Cardwell also revealed that she suffered four miscarriages while trying to get pregnant with her third child.

She said, ‘It’s been a long bumpy road for us. It was difficult.’

A Walmart employee said, ‘I don’t do enough progesterone. I don’t have enough in my system, so it prevents the baby from getting enough nutrition.’

Anna Cardwell’s family confirms her health news

Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday March 30 to confirm that her sister had cancer.

She wrote, ‘[And] this is what I mean when I say you never really know what someone is doing at home, no matter how famous they are.’

The ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ star added: ‘Yes, I’m very famous, but sh**t happens to me and my family [and] you need to understand that as soon as possible.’

Meanwhile, Mama June also went ahead to confirm the news.

She said, ‘This is a very emotional road for the family but we are sticking together me n justin n Josh doing everything we can to do and be there for Anna Marie Cardwell and Eldridge Toney and the girls through the this trip but pray for we all appreciate it, especially the girls [sic].’


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