Mama June’s daughter Chickadee is battling with stage 4 cancer


According to recent news, Mama June’s daughter, Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell, has been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, her family has come together to support her in any way they can.

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Mama June Chickadee’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer

Family sources close to Mama June have revealed that her daughter Anna Cardwell, 28, was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma earlier this year.

They also said that Anna was initially complaining of stomach pain. However, after doing a few tests, they discovered that the cancer was in her liver, kidney and lung.

In addition, the news suggested that she underwent her first round of chemotherapy last month. In addition, she seems to have started to lose her hair.

On the other hand, doctors are waiting to see her body’s response to the treatment before they can conclude anything for sure.

Meanwhile, Anna’s family are reportedly ‘very hopeful’ that she will pull through.

In addition, according to reports, her family is supporting Anna as she battles the dilemma.

In addition, they are helping to take care of Anna’s two children, Kaitlyn who is 10 years old, and Kylee who is 7 years old.

In addition, Anna’s boyfriend named Eldridge is said to have refused to leave her side during the uncertainty.

Mama June is celebrating her first anniversary with husband Justin Stroud

Mama June Shannon celebrated her first wedding anniversary with husband Justin Stroud last week.

Additionally, she took to her social media account to share a series of herself with two to reflect on their year as husband and wife.

She called Stroud ‘the most imperfect person but the most perfect person in my eyes’ in her lengthy tribute post.

In addition, she said, ‘A year ago I married my best friend.’

She continued, ‘Not many people needed us together or thought we wouldn’t do it… but we are through ALOT. To say the least.’

She said it was ‘very nice’ to figure out situations together before I write, ‘I’ve never experienced that.’

Afterwards, she said, ‘I know it’s hard to deal with sometimes but I’m glad (you’re) with me and (the) girls.’

Mama June then claimed that she was, ‘waiting to see what the future holds because I know all good and bad and no matter what life throws at either of us we will get (through) it together.’


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