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Egyptian security forces have arrested a man accused of repeatedly stabbing a beauty queen.

Local media reported that Marwa Adel was leaving home to meet a friend when a neighbor attacked her with a sharp object and stabbed her 25 times. Marwa survived the attack but is said to have sustained significant injuries.

In 2017 Cairo was named the most dangerous city in the world for women and approximately 99 percent of female residents reported sexual harassment. Violence against women has risen sharply in recent years, and femicides are on the rise across the country.

Over the summer of last year, a prominent judge killed his wife, TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal, who spoke out against domestic violence a few days before her death.

Also last year university student Mohamed Adel beat Naira Ashraf to death after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Another student, Islam Mohamed, 22, stabbed Salma Bahgat, a 20-year-old Egyptian student, to death 17 times, after she rejected his proposal.

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Last October, Mohamed Samir strangled his fiancée Kholoud Al-Sayed Farouk to death after she broke off their engagement.

Human rights groups have criticized the government for not doing enough to tackle violence against women.

Instead, authorities have arrested dozens of women on so-called immorality and debauchery charges, especially when they have high social media followings.

Earlier this week, Egypt’s public prosecutor ordered the detention of fashion blogger Salma Elshimy for four days on alleged charges of “spreading immorality” and publishing videos and photos that “contradict morals and social values”.

In December 2020 Salma posted photos of herself in ancient Egyptian dress in front of Djoser’s Pyramid outside the Saqqara necropolis and was accused of wearing “inappropriate Pharaonic clothing”.

This violence against women, and the arrest of influencers, came despite Egypt’s own #MeToo movement in which many women came forward to speak about their experiences of rape and abuse.

Amnesty International has said the Egyptian government should investigate sexual and gender-based violence instead of policing women online.

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