Miley Cyrus Fans Sent into a Frenzy Over False Pregnancy Rumors on Social Media


Miley Cyrus is trending on the internet and this time it is with a rumor saying that she is expecting her first child with Maxx Morando. Previously her relationship with ex Liam Hemsworth attracted a lot of attention especially after the two separated. But is it really true that Miley Cyrus is expecting Maxx Morando?

Read on to find out more about rumors that claim Miley Cyrus is expecting her first child with Maxx Morando.

Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumors go viral

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had a beautiful love story for some time. That didn’t last long though. The two eventually separated and it also attracted a lot of attention from the media.

However, now that the relationship between Liam and Miley is over. A Twitter fan page came up with a claim that Miley Cyrus is pregnant in 2023. The tweet had the picture of Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando along with the caption “Breaking News”.

While the tweet read “According to Brandi, Miley Cyrus is officially pregnant and expecting her first child with Maxx”. However, he did not reveal anything about Brandi. He added that “Cyrus has already revealed her pregnancy in an excerpt of her new single “River”, and here’s why [for] disappeared”.

Is Miley Cyrus really pregnant in 2023?

Although the fan account used the lyrics of the song River talked about children. But it in no way specified that Miley Cyrus is pregnant in 2023. However, the lyrics of the song caught everyone’s attention.

The song’s lyrics read as “Bubbles blowing in the bath, I can’t stop thinking lately, You could be the one, honor my children I hope they have your eyes and my smile broke it was a desert. I met you, I was in a drought”.

Fan reaction to Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumors

Rumors about Miley Cyrus being pregnant with Maxx Morando’s first child had fans reacting the same way. ​​​​The viral tweet with the rumors about the same got more than 800k views.

Although the fans reacted to the same. One said, “Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? I need to see her on tour again before she retires please! Stream of the River!”. Another said, “Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? My brain can’t process”.

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