New 2023 stamps featuring King Charles’ profile are officially available to buy


New stamps for 2023 featuring the side profile of King Charles will be available for purchase from today, Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

As the coronation of King Charles III approaches, new versions of banknotes, coins, postage stamps, and passports are being introduced among other public service signs that reflect the reign of the new monarch.

Fifty pence coins bearing the King’s likeness are already in circulation, as well as 100-year celebration cards signed by Charles and Camilla, and British passports will be issued in his name for the first time this summer.

New 2023 stamps for sale

The Royal Mail will sell King Charles stamps from today on its website. The new stamps will be priced in line with yesterday’s price increase.

First-class stamps will cost £1.10, up 15p, while second-class stamps will cost 75p, up 7p.

King Charles stamps follow a design similar to that of the previous monarch

The new stamps depict Charles’ head and neck in the style of the late Queen’s stamps, and every British monarch since Queen Victoria. The design is based on a sculpture by artist Martin Jennings for the new King Charles coins, according to the BBC.

King Charles is the seventh monarch to appear on stamps and Queen Victoria was the first, in 1840, when her profile was shown on a “Penny Black”.

Photo by Chen Yongnuo/China News Service via Getty Images

Charles is facing left in the coin but unlike his mother, he is not wearing a crown in the image.

What will happen to Queen Elizabeth stamps?

Although the new stamps are technically available to buy now, they may not be popular for some time as the Royal Mail has been instructed to use the old stamps until they run out.

David Gold, the Royal Mail’s director of external affairs, said: “The King gave very clear instructions that he didn’t want anything done, he didn’t want things to be shredded, he didn’t want to throw stock.”

“It was very clear, however long it takes you to clear the stock, you’re in no rush,” Gold said.

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