Nike Collaborator Tom Sachs Faces Backlash Over Toxic Workplace and Cult-like Environment


According to Nike, Tom Sachs’ studio has an inappropriate workplace culture. An investigation released by Curbed on Monday claims that former employees of the artist complained of a “destabilizing and scary” work environment. A former employee claimed that Sachs made inappropriate comments about employees’ sex and appearance, threw objects across the room at employees, called the basement storage room the “rape room,” wore only underwear in the studio and cried He called employees “autistic,” “retarded,” “disabled,” and other names while there. In a statement to FN, Nike, which has worked with Sachs for many years, expressed deep concern about the allegations.

To learn more about the situation and how these issues are being tackled, the company contacted Tom and his studio. According to a former administration employee cited in the report, Sachs was once seen on a zoom call with a female Nike employee in his underwear. Curbed reported that the company’s studio conducts virtual fittings on a weekly basis. Sachs has produced a series of high-profile releases since Nike partnered with him in 2012 to launch the NikeCraft Mars Yard 1.0 sneakers. Both entities recently released a General Purpose Shoe at a more affordable price point.

Nike Releases Statement In Response To Tom Sachs Allegations

Top artist and Nike collaborator Tom Sachs was exposed for his toxic work culture, misbehavior at work, and cult-like work environment. Publisher Curbed published an investigative piece on the designer in which unnamed former employees revealed the company’s troubled work culture. As a result of the artist’s ouster, Nike has released a statement. The NikeCraft Mars Yard 1.0 sneakers were the first piece of NikeCraft footwear designed in partnership with Tom Sachs in 2012. Since then, they have collaborated. Their most recent collaboration was the General Purpose Shoe. Despite the turbulent culture in Tom Sachs’ studio, Nike said they were in contact with the boss in question to get a better understanding of the situation. According to Nike, we are very concerned about the allegations. As we sought to better understand this story and address these questions, we caught up with Tom and his studio. Simply thinking about odd hours of work and no pay is a distressing experience. It was revealed that the rules Tom Sachs had for his employees were strict. In addition to walking quietly in the studio, placing objects at 90 degree angles, and adhering to strict diet and exercise plans, they were expected to adhere to strict rules.

Under the name Space Camp, Sachs organized group exercises for employees where they wore matching training gear to ensure strict adherence to the latter. During the investigation, a former studio assistant revealed: People would take pictures of us jogging in Soho. The people thought they were just another cult; they had no idea who Tom was. In addition, Tom Sachs was exposed for regularly using terms such as autism, retarded, and disabled. Because someone kept a sheet of steel in the wrong place, an employee threw it across the room. A former Nike administrative employee revealed that Sachs shouted into a Zoom meeting wearing his underwear. He also mentioned a woman who called his child his type. Sachs also nicknamed the storage closet the r*pe room, which was the beginning of the last resort known as the consent room. In addition, pornography was a topic of discussion time and time again. One former employee revealed that female employees had to deal with sexism on a regular basis: He treated the women so differently than the men. Among his protégés were men. The women were not looking at him that way. Since everyone hated working for Sachs, they had become aware of the sound of his footsteps.

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