Outrage as DJ Brownskin faces backlash for recording wife’s death on live stream


A video of the wife of DJ Brownskin, a Kenyan musician is going viral as she was previously recorded consuming a mysterious drink. DJ’s wife, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, passed away last year in July. However, the viral video of her is now going viral as netizens are now reacting the same. That even sparked outrage online.

Read on to find out more about DJ Brownskin’s video recording of his wife drinking a mysterious drink that is causing outrage on social media.

​​DJ Brownskin’s wife died in July 2022

DJ Brownskin is a popular music artist in Kenya. His real name is Michael Macharia Njiri. His tracks are popular among his fans and on Instagram, he has around 38.9 million followers. He is known for performing in concerts and is currently expected to perform with The Four Play.

Brownskin was married to Sharon Njeri Mwangi and they have two children. However, back in July 2022, Mwangi died. Although law enforcement has not released any statement about his wife’s death. Several pictures of Mwangi’s demise appeared on social media. Including the one where the DJ was sitting at his wife’s funeral wearing a t-shirt with her image on it, it went viral.

A video of Mwangi taking a mysterious drink goes viral on the internet

Although it has been months since Sharon Njeri Mwangi died. A video of her recently caught everyone’s attention and it’s quite a surprise to see. In the viral video, one could see Brownskin recording his wife drinking something like mixed concoctions. According to reports, Brownskin encouraged Mwangi to have the drink.

In the viral clip she reaches for the drink and throws the cup towards Brownskin. However, she is seen to be in pain afterwards when one of their children even went ahead to help her. The video has since gone viral on the internet.

Netizens criticized DJ Brownskin for letting his wife die

The video of DJ Brownskin recording his wife having a mysterious drink has gone viral. Although it is months after Mwangi’s death. Everyone on the internet is slamming the Kenyan musician over the viral video. As they believe DJ let his wife drink that mysterious concoction and didn’t save her.

One of the users wrote on Twitter “That kid one day grows up and realizes DJ Brownskin let him watch his mother die”. While another wrote on social media, “Should DJ Brownskin be arrested?”. Even though the video went viral, DJ Brownskin still hasn’t responded.

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