Over half of Syria population is going hungry, says WFP – Middle East Monitor


More than half of Syria’s population is facing hunger as the war-torn and divided country continues to deal with the ongoing 12-year civil war and recent earthquakes, the Register has announced World Food (WFP).

According to a report published by the WFP yesterday, approximately 12.1 million Syrians are suffering from food insecurity, and nearly three million more are at risk of slipping into starvation.

That number is nearly double the number of food insecure people in Syria back in 2018, creating a sharp decline for much of Syria’s population.

The Agency also noted the increase in malnutrition within the country, citing recent data showing that 28 percent of children are stunted in growth and development as a result.

WFP Country Director in Syria, Kenn Crossley, said that Syrians have suffered “Bombing, displacement, isolation, drought, economic crisis and, now, earthquakes of significant proportions. Syrians are extremely resilient but there is only so much take people.” He asked, “At what point does the world say ‘enough’?”

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In a country where the average monthly wage reportedly covers only about a quarter of a family’s food needs, the vast majority of Syrians have already been dealing with rising food prices and shortages of fuel and wheat supplies for at least the past few years. years.

Currently supporting approximately 5.5 million people across Syria with assistance such as food distribution, nutrition programs, school meals and cash donations, the WPF has requested a grant of $450 million to continue these operations in the country throughout the other part of this year.

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