Patriarchs, Head of Churches in Jerusalem Urge Israel to Secure Religious Freedom of Christians in Easter

Theophilos III, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. (Photo: Michał Józefaciuk, via Wikimedia Commons)

In their annual Easter message, patriarchs and church leaders in Jerusalem called on Israel to ensure safety, access and religious freedom for Christians in the Holy Land during Easter, the official WAFA news agency reported.

“As we have all seen in recent months, escalating violence has engulfed the Holy Land. Local Christians in particular have faced more famine,” they said.

Palestinian Man Blocks Settler Attack on Jerusalem Church (VIDEO)

“Over the past year, some of our churches, funeral processions, and public meeting places have been the targets of attacks; some of our sacred sites and cemeteries have been destroyed; and some of our ancient liturgies, such as the Palm Sunday Procession and the Holy Fire Ceremony, are closed to thousands of worshippers,” church leaders said.

Russia Calls for Prosecution of Israelis Responsible for Attack on Jerusalem Church

There has been a visible increase in attacks on Christians in Jerusalem.

“Terrorist attacks, by Israeli radical groups, targeting churches, cemeteries, and Christian properties… have become almost daily which increase in intensity during Christian holidays,” the Greek Orthodox Church said in a recent statement.


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