PinkyDoll Brushes Off Backlash: TikTok Star Unfazed by Viral NPC Streams Controversy


TikToker PinkyDoll seems unconcerned about the backlash of acting as an NPC in her streams. PinkyDoll is a popular TikTok star and also an OnlyFans star. Although she has a good number of followers on her social media platforms. Her recent stream addressed controversy over her NPC trend. But here’s what PinkyDoll thinks about the negative comments.

Read on to know more about TikToker PinkyDoll doesn’t care about negative comments because of her stream as an NPC.

Stream TikToker PinkyDoll as an NPC

Well, we have now had multiple trends on TikTok. But the one that is grabbing everyone’s attention comes from TikTok star PinkyDoll. If you are active on TikTok, you might have come across this one trend of PinkyDoll where she acts as an NPC.

PinkyDoll recently did live streams behaving as an NPC. Although some other internet stars have tried the same, making it a trend on TikTok. In case you are not watching the NPC live stream of PinkyDoll. Then, here’s what the videos contained.

PinkyDoll’s live stream as an NPC faced backlash on social media

What happens in an NPC trend or a NPC trend is that a creator will almost give followers abilities or other things. That certainly costs real money to ship. In response, the creator acts out like a pantomime or says a phrase according to the stickers sent to them.

PinkyDoll had done something similar. Although the live stream as NPC went viral. Some of the audience were confused about the same. Facing backlash later on social media too. However, PinkyDoll has broken her silence on the negativity she faced due to her NPC live stream.

TikToker PinkyDoll seems unfazed by the negativity regarding her NPC live stream

TikToker PinkyDoll may have criticized her recent NPC live stream. However, she has finally opened up about what she thinks about the negativity that is coming her way. In an interview with the New York Times, PinkyDoll said that she is not worried about the negative comments.

@its_yagirl_lyric She’s interesting lol @Pinkydoll #fyp #foryoupage #explore #trend #pinkydollreal #pinkydoll #npc ♬ original sound – Lyric

The TikToker said, “I don’t care what people say about me”. She added, “If they want to think I’m this or that, that’s fine with me. At the end of the day, I have won”. Not to be missed, PinkyDoll earns very well through her live streams and even her OnlyFans platform.

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