Police chief: Establishing independent ‘national guard’ will ‘harm personal security’


Likud MK says Ben Gvir should not control future ‘national guard’

Likud MK Tally Gotliv comes out against the establishment of a “national guard” under the responsibility of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir – saying such a body should not be under the responsibility of a government minister.

“A government minister describes policy, enacts regulations, prioritizes tasks, ensures an adequate budget, is responsible for carrying out the policies of his office – but does not give direct instructions,” Gotliv tweets. “That’s my position.”

She says “just as the Minister of Justice does not tell lawyers how to act, neither can the minister of national security give instructions to police officers. The national guard can, no for that protection for the Minister.”

The cabinet voted on Sunday to approve the formation of a national guard, which Ben Gvir demanded, but said he would leave the decision on its chain of command to a future committee.

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