Popular TikTok Star Amanda Carravallah’s Sudden Disappearance After DUI Incident



Amanda Carravallah, the well-known TikToker is missing from TikTok and everyone wants to know about her well-being. Since the DUI incident, Amanda has not been on the social media platform. Which caused a lot of concern for her. But where is Amanda Carravallah and what happened to her?

Read on to find out more about what happened to TikToker Amanda Carravallah when she disappeared from social media.

A little about Amanda Carravallah

Amanda Carravallah was one of the TikToker, who rose to fame again in the year 2022. Her video caught everyone’s attention when she came forward to protest against the repeal of Roe V Wade. Her video went viral on social media and received approximately 2 million views.

Not only that, Michigan Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and the American Civil Liberties Union both praised Amanda’s video. However, she has been missing from the social media platform for a long time and all this has made it strange to know about her.


Amanda Carravallah is missing from social media

Despite the fact that Amanda Carravallah became popular with her video. She has been missing from the social media platform for quite some time. After the TikToker’s DUI incident no one knew where she was.

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Not to be missed, there is one of Amanda’s videos that went viral on social media. Where she was arrested by the police and the charges against her became public. But this got everyone wondering exactly what happened to Amanda Carravallah.

What happened to Amanda Carravallah?

Ever since Amanda Carravallah disappeared from social media. A video that surfaced a while back is in full swing. Back in July 2021, the police found Amanda sleeping at a red traffic light. She was found in the car post where she was arrested. Police took her into custody in Livonia, Michigan on charges related to drinking and driving.


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The video later surfaced in December 2022. According to court documents, she was charged and found guilty of drinking and driving. She was ultimately sentenced to six days of community service and 12 months of probation. However, his probation ended on 26 December 2022.

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