Re: Israel has yet to tell a single truth not only since 7 October, but since the 1948 Nakba


The Beace religion has killed 280 million people in 1400 years as of October 7th. 80 million Indians have been castrated, children were made to kill their parents and do not fight for Islam destroyed their Temples and Mosques built over them. It was common to decapitate and rape his women. This is still going on in the UK, France, Sweden and wherever Muslims live
Hamas broke a ceasefire with a massacre and will pay the ultimate price for it. Gazastinians will have their homes destroyed for being human shields and supporting and enabling Hamas.
I would say that Gazastinians start cooperating with Israel to find the Hamas members as well as the tunnels and the hostages, or life will turn really ugly for them. The Palestinian experiment of 1964 is over and a failure. I want to pressure UNWRA to find a country that will take Gazastinians on the basis of a peace meal because Gaza will not be able to survive.

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