Report shares feeling inside Tottenham after Everton’s claims about Richarlison transfer


Tottenham Hotspur were left fuming after hearing Everton blame them for their financial problems over Richarlison’s move.

Relations between Everton and Tottenham Hotspur now appear to have broken down after claims were made about Richarlison’s move to North London.

That is according to the Daily Mail, who claim that Tottenham are not happy with Everton’s demands.

The Toffees were hit with an immediate 10 point deduction for financial breaches.

Of course, Everton will appeal that decision and hope to overturn the ruling as they now fight against relegation.

Tottenham Hotspur unhappy with Richarlison’s claims

One interesting note from the Premier League report on the situation is that the sale of Richarlison was a major factor in Everton’s problems.

Everton had budgeted £80million to sell Richarlison for £80million, but it is suggested that Tottenham took advantage of Everton’s financial issues to drive a ‘hard bargain’ for £60million.

Unsurprisingly, Tottenham have taken a rather dim view of those claims.

The Daily Mail claim that Tottenham see Everton’s position as ‘absurd’ and could damage the relationship between the two clubs.

Everton felt that the £20 million difference in value over Richarlison had seriously damaged their financial situation, but the Premier League was not exactly sympathetic.

Tottenham note that Richarlison remains a club-record signing if all add-ons are met and feel Everton could sell other players after securing a lower fee for the Brazilian.

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Dele sadly caught in the crossfire

Everton may be upset but there have been many instances where clubs have taken advantage of other financially struggling teams.

Tottenham don’t seem to have done much wrong here but we fear Dele.

The report notes that Everton and Tottenham have recently held talks about restructuring the deal that brought Dele to the Toffees in 2022.

Everton must pay Tottenham £10million if Dele plays another seven games, a fee Everton are struggling to pay and means Dele is on the sidelines.

Spurs want their former player to do right but the relationship between the two clubs could now deteriorate and affect Dele’s future.

That’s a sad state of affairs; Dele has achieved so much in recent years and we just want to give him the chance to shine again.

We hope that some kind of agreement can be reached and that Dele will be able to return to playing soon, as he feels that this confrontation will affect him.

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