Richie Mensah shuts down rumors of KiDi’s stroke: Here’s what really happened


Richie Mensah has responded to the rumors claiming that KiDi suffered a stroke. Recently, Ghanaian singer-songwriter KiDi’s North American tour was canceled citing health issues as the reason. Which in the end swirled a rumor on the internet saying that the singer suffered a stroke. But here’s what Richie Mensah has to say about it.

Read on to find out more about Richie Mensah’s reaction to the rumor that KiDi suffered a stroke.

Rumors of KiDi’s stroke go viral on the internet

KiDi, the famous Ghanaian singer-songwriter, has a growing following everywhere. Although he is often giving tours to his fans these days. Recently, a rumor about him left all his fans worried as he said that KiDi suffered a stroke.

The rumors came until the singer’s North American tour was cancelled. In late February of this year through social media came the announcement of the cancellation of the North American tour. The reason behind the decision, however, was cited as the Ghanaian singer-songwriter’s health issues. Which eventually spread the rumor that KiDi had suffered a stroke.

Richie Mensah reacts to the rumor that KiDi is suffering a stroke

After KiDi fans found the viral rumor saying that the singer has suffered a stroke. His followers were worried about him. However, now Lynx Entertainment manager and CEO Richie Mensah has come up with his response to the rumor about KiDi.

Richie Mensah rubbished the rumors about KiDi suffering a stroke. In his tweet he wrote, “KiDi didn’t have a stroke. Ignore the rumors and the click bait”. This has confirmed and relieved the fans that KiDi is fine.

Why exactly did KiDi cancel his North American tour?

KiDi’s North American tour was canceled in late February of this year. As he cited his health issues as the reason for them. In his post announcing the same he said “I had to make the decision to postpone the trip due to health issues and I want you to know that the decision was not made lightly. A trip of this size and the level of commitment it will take could put me at risk of further damage to my health”.

The next post read “I want to make sure every time we meet on tour it’s an experience worth everything you’ve given me as an artist and I can only do that if I am much better in my health than I am. now”. KiDi apologized to everyone for canceling the trip.

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