Robert Smith refunds Ticketmaster fees for canceled The Cure North American Tour tickets


Robert Smith of rock band The Cure has contacted his fans to inform them of Ticketmaster refunding fees for their North American tour. After announcing the North American tour for The Cure. Fans were eager to get their tickets for the same. However, the high prices led to outrage on social media. But this is what Robert Smith has to say?

Read on to find out more about The Cure’s Robert Smith asking his fans for a refund of Ticketmaster fees due to social media outrage.

The Cure North American tour ticket prices

The Cure was one of the popular rock bands that surprised their fans with their North American tour for 2023. Although everyone was eager to get their tickets for the same. Many of them were upset about the high ticket prices.

Tickets for The Cure’s North American tour were available for purchase from the Ticketmaster website. The ticket website, however, charged for tickets for the Verified Fan Program. It certainly did not go down well and angered many.

Outrage on social media over high priced tickets for The Cure’s North American tour

Fans have since contacted ticketing website Ticketmaster to access the tickets. The ticket prices for The Cure’s North American tour upset many of them. Because they were upset with the high prices charged on the tickets as part of the Verified Fan Programme.

One of the fans wrote on social media “Not the tickets I got, but this math is crazy. 2 $20 on The Cure in Pheonix + Ticketmaster fees = $75.25”. Although there was outrage on social media due to the high ticket prices. Robert Smith from the band The Cure himself came forward to help the fans.

Robert Smith comes forward to help a fan

The band After The Cure found out about the outrage on social media over the high ticket prices for their North American tour. Robert Smith from the rock band himself came forward to support the fans on the matter. Not to forget, The Cure’s main man is Robert Smith.

Robert said Ticketmaster would refund fees of up to $5 and $10 depending on the ticket level after discussing the entire issue. As fans were unhappy with the prices that led to a backlash on social media.

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