Sibling Rivalry: Tamika Scott Accuses LaTocha Scott of Stealing Gospel Deal on WWHL


Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott, who star in SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B, have a lot on their plates according to the clips released so far. Tamika Scott addressed some of the most asked questions about Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and cleared up some rumors. During the “Can you protect her” segment of the interview, Tamika answered questions regarding LaTocha Scott. During her interview, she was asked if she could defend her sister’s meeting with Motown Gospel under her solo contract. According to Tamika, LaTocha stole the contract from her, as it was meant to be negotiated between them.

According to her, LaTocha stole Tamika’s contract and said she took our deal. SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B season 1 premieres Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The date of the next episode of Bringing Down the House is April 9, 2023. Bravo’s six-part series SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B follows the group’s preparations for the tour. In this six-part limited series, fans will get a VIP front seat and backstage access to ’90s nostalgia as SWV and XSCAPE reveal their personal and professional lives, before their live performance.

LaTocha Scott Is Accused Of Stealing The Gospel Market On WWHL With Tamika Scott

Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott have a lot on their plates according to the clips released so far of SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B. Tamika Scott answered some of the most frequently asked questions on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and cleared up some rumors. As part of the “Can you protect her” segment, Tamika also addressed some questions about LaTocha Scott. When her sister met with Motown Gospel about her solo contract, she was asked if she could protect her. LaTocha allegedly stole the contract from Tamika according to Tamika, who said the two discussed the contract. According to Tamika, LaTocha stole the contract from her and said: That’s the deal we had, and she took it. Fans have received several hints about what is going on with the group and their relationship. In one of the recently released clips, it is revealed that the group was unaware that LaTocha had signed with Motown Gospel as a solo artist. However, LaTocha’s sister Tamika immediately accused her of stealing the contract after the group learned about it. LaTocha Scott is embarking on a new musical journey as a gospel artist in 2023, according to news reports. Her label, Made Girl Music, had reportedly signed a licensing deal with Motown Gospel.

LaTocha Scott’s first gospel album is due for release later in 2023. Making inspirational music has always been her passion, she said in a statement. It was clear that even when she sang R&B music, she couldn’t escape her roots, she called it her foundation. Described by LaTocha Scott as a return to her roots at the Olive Church of God, Our Lady in Holiness, in College Park, Georgia, this tour represents a return to her roots. LaTocha Scott’s passion makes her the right candidate for the job, according to Monica Coates, co-executive director. As a lover of gospel music and a member of the black church, LaTocha was known for her strong commitment to the church. According to Coates, LaTocha’s fans will finally be able to own a body of her work that reflects her passions as a result of her love of gospel music. Besides being one of the most recognizable voices in R&B, LaTocha has staying power, according to EJ Gaines, Executive Director of Motown Gospel. In a market that doesn’t always allow LaTocha to be relevant, Gaines explained. Kandi Burris, Tameka Harris, and Tamika Scott, who make up LaTocha Scott’s band, were also disappointed in the clips released by the network. Fans and band members were frustrated with LaTocha’s decision not to miss rehearsals because she was busy signing her contract.

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