The Controversial South Park Episode Featuring Andrew Tate: A Breakdown of What Happened and His Response


The latest episode of South Park season 26 gave viewers a look at Andrew Tate and it’s something you can’t miss. South Park is a popular animated series that is loved by viewers. However, no one would expect to find a character in the program that would be like the controversial influence Andrew Tate.

Read on to find out more about the latest episode of South Park which will feature an Andrew Tate lookalike.

South Park season 26 and Andrew Tate episode

Although South Park is an animated series that is very popular with viewers. The series often satirizes well-known real people, especially if they are making headlines. Previously we got characters of Donald Trump, Kanye West, and the Royal Family too.

One more addition to the list with the recent episode. Yes, the March 29 episode of South Park season 26 showed Alonzo Fineski’s character grabbing everyone’s attention. The character closely resembled the controversial influence of Andrew Tate.

It wasn’t just the shaved head, sunglasses and cigars that made Tate look Fineski. But the character was even a “s*x trafficker from Romania” in the episode.

Netizens reacted to Andrew Tate’s South Park episode

South Park is loved by viewers for its often satirical content. Andrew Tate’s recent episode of the series certainly made the netizens react on the same social media. As there were some funny comments on the episode.

One of the users wrote on Twitter “Andrew Tate is big news, he’s in South Park now”. While another wrote “very thoughtful”. One user even wrote that “Tate will break South Park”.

Not to forget, Andrew Tate himself has now reacted to the latest episode of South Park and the character like him.

Andrew Tate’s answer to the South Park episode with a Tate-like character

It has made headlines for the charges that Romanian authorities have taken both Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate into custody. They faced trials on human trafficking, ra*e, and organized crime charges. Although they were recently released from prison to be placed under house arrest.

However, after coming across the latest episode of South Park which has a similar character. His Twitter handle responded the same. The tweet said, β€œWhen proven innocent. I look forward to helping create the best South Park episode ever”.

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