Tunisia faces the ‘unknown’ if it does not reach an agreement with the IMF – Middle East Monitor


Washington: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned on Wednesday that Tunisia must urgently reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, after the European Union expressed concern about the deteriorating political and economic situation in the country. this.

“The most important thing they can do in Tunisia, from an economic point of view, is to reach an agreement with the IMF,” said Blinken in response to a question about Tunisia during the hearing of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate.

“We strongly encourage them to do that because the economy could be entering the unknown,” he said.

Tunisia is struggling under the weight of mounting debt and rising prices exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It reached a preliminary agreement in October to obtain a new loan of about two billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund.

The World Bank is seeking reforms in Tunisia, and has recently expressed concern about a series of racist attitudes against the background of a statement by President Qais Saied condemning the large presence of illegal immigrants in his country and talking about a conspiracy to change the “demographic composition ” to change. the country.

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On Monday, the head of the EU’s Foreign Policy, Joseph Borell, announced that the bloc is concerned about the deterioration of the political and economic situation in Tunisia and that it fears its collapse. causes instability in the Middle East and North Africa,” he said. We want to avoid this situation.”

The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday, rejected Borell’s statements, saying they were “exaggerated”.

The opposition accused Saied of carrying out a coup in the country, which launched the Arab Spring ten years ago.

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